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White Knight Rabies PODCAST

Welcome to the Male Defender MOLON LABE podcast. This is our 124th installment. It concerns White Knight Rabies which seems to affect more men than I would like to admit. Why are men such white knights for women? I try to answer that here in the context of the Ezekiel Elliot case.

Opening song “Over the Mountain” by Ozzie!

If you ask me, this is what the Ezekiel Elliot case comes down to.

The City Attorney says Elliott and his attorneys fully cooperated with the investigation. In his statement to police, Elliott said the woman told him, “I am going to ruin your career, you have messed with the wrong person!”

The police investigated her complaints and found that there was no corroboration among witnesses. Therefore, the police declined to press charges.

Then the NFL decided to white knight for his ex. They chose to pull a Sarkeesian and “listen and believe.” They interviewed her and ignored any legal standard of proof in order to come to a misandric decision. Now he’s suspended for 6 games. In my opinion…it’s a total screw job.

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