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Too Weak to OBEY the FEMALE

I cried as I watched this. What happened to obeying a female? What happened to social justice?

A real man obeys a woman. That is well established. So what is the deal with this evil bouncer who dares to defend himself against three drunks? He is inferior. Watch and cry with me.

You’ll be sad to hear that there have been arrests in this case…and no, it wasn’t the bouncer. Notice how they scream “BULLY!” as they physically charge him LOL.

The women, aged 47, 37 and 28, were arrested on suspicion of assault and other public disorder offences.

A spokesman for the Police Service of Northern Ireland said the women have now been released on bail.

Enquiries are ongoing.

What! What happened to the great UK suspended sentence. Hopefully, after an investigation, they will give these women medals and arrest the male.

How dare he defend himself! That is not a man’s place. A real man defers and obeys the female. He has failed this test. Thanks Dan S.

Remind me not to go to Kelly’s Cellar in Belfast. There the men stand up for themselves and that should never happen!

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  1. Posted May 16, 2018 at 12:12 pm | Permalink

    What wud you expect from toxic masculinity. We need to do something about this. No wait the feminazi are on the case.

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