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The SJW Cancer

Welcome to the SJW Cancer yet another fine Male Defender MOLON LABE broadcast. Awesome to have you here with us. Again, we’re tackling part of the leftist menace, this time with corporations that have “converged” with the wishes of SJWs. A perfect example of this is the NFL–hence the picture above.

We’re again reading from SJWs Always Double Down: Anticipating the Thought Police (The Laws of Social Justice Book 2) by Vox Day. Vox mentions two total sell-out organizations in this passage: Apple and Facebook. Give it a listen. We are glad to have you.

Here is our last and final part. We explore the idea of “gamma male” of which David “Feminist Fatboy” Futrelle is the best example.

Hey, pay Vox back. BUY HIS BOOK! It’s sensational.

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    Occasionally doubling down can go against you.

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