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The Camp of the Saints PODCAST 116

The Camp of the Saints is the title for our long-awaited 116th installment of the Male Defender MOLON LABE podcast. Well met and thanks for listening!

Immigrants taking over the west is what’s happening in 2017, but Jean Raspail wrote The Camp of the Saints in 1972. How amazingly prophetic were his words!
I bought my copy on amazon new. You can get one here.

You should be careful as the Muffington Boast doesn’t want you to read it at all. Hey, the future called, look what it is sending.

The plot is summarized at wikipedia and this section really stood out to me:

The migrants make their way north, having no desire to assimilate to French culture, but continuing to demand a First World standard of living, even as they flout laws, do not produce, and murder French citizens, such as factory bosses and shopkeepers. They are also joined by the immigrants who already reside in the Europe, as well as various left-wing and anarchist groups.

Isn’t that what is happening now? The leftists are clamoring for more immigration. They want to bring in masses of people who will one day exterminate them.

Hit this link, one of the dumb leftists interviewed actually thinks that we are not allowed to control immigration as it’s “specified in the Constitution” that we take in immigrants. LOL, nice troll leftist. Like one of you give a damn about our Constitution or know a single thing about it!

If you enjoyed this podcast let me know and I’ll be happy to read more of it to you.

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