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Testosterone and Status

Welcome to the MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. Today, we’ll cover four stories and the first is Testosterone and Status. Our title comes from this Yahoo story, “Testosterone pushes men to luxury brands: Study.”

A single dose of testosterone steers men towards luxury brands of cars, watches, pens, or clothes which, like stag anglers and peacock tails, signal “status” to the female gender, scientists said Tuesday.

The sex hormone, it turns out, is a major influencer of male consumer behaviour, according to a study published in the journal Nature Communications.

“This is likely because testosterone plays a role in behaviours that relate to social rank (in animals), and owning status products is a strategy to signal one’s rank within human social hierarchies,” study co-author Gideon Nave of the University of Pennsylvania told AFP.

STORY: “Wife says she sliced off cheating husband’s penis, then threw it out the window.” Yeah, I guess MGTOW is a really bad idea.

2nd STORY: Cobb fire: Woman burns down home because man went to see another woman. Well that settles it! Why on earth would you ever want to go your own way? You selfish jerk!

Another Insult: Adelaide’s Peter Drew has taken another swing at America’s gun control laws, as he prepares to visit, what he refers to as the “stupid country” for his latest poster campaign. This dumb leftist prick is coming here and attacking America…that’s his shtick! I’m sure the socialists in our country will love him.

Opening Song: “Metal Health” by Quiet Riot.

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