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MGTOW as Adaptation

By MYSTERY MAN Within the varied groups and individuals that make up the manosphere there has been a growing divide over MGTOW or ‘Men Going Their Own Way’. This is due to MGTOW’s rejection of the traditional expectation of men to be the protector and provider of women and children and instead focus on their […]

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Get Married Now!

Get Married Now is the title of our new MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. OPENING SONG. Check out this endearing story, a post-wall disaster: “I have a few close girlfriends, for which I am grateful, but life keeps getting busier and our conversations are now months apart. Most of my nights are spent alone with […]

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Female Eating Disorders? Our Fault

Feel shame you hairy beer drinker! When women have eating disorders it’s always some man’s fault. We’re all guilty. Let’s cry and then get in the car. Some neutered pansy finds out a family member is sick from anexoria or bulimia and he tries to blame males on aggregate for it. YOU DID THIS APE! […]

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