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Suspended Sentence…Standard PODCAST 100

Welcome to the MOLON LABE MALE DEFENDER Podcast Number 100. You’ll have to listen to the video below. No Soundcloud upload today. This video, on youtube, was made from two different audio tracks so I spliced them together with the slides. We’re getting complex here baby! Woman has classic meltdown that you have got to […]

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Psycho Gets Suspended Sentence

Not a Psycho…strong, independent woman! Jilted saleswoman put her ex through revenge porn nightmare by posting explicit images of him online in first ever case of male partner being targeted. Guess what happened? Yep, suspended sentence. A UK specialty as it were. Fascinating read here from First Things: The problem with ­science is that so […]

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Girls Behaving Badly! MD Podcast 7

Girls Behaving Badly is the title of our 7th edition of the Molon Labe Podcast. It’s a review of some of the stories our supporters have been sending. Hat tip to Odo Ital, Adam S, The Mighty Chen, John B, R James, and Grim Reaper. Yes, enjoy the Podcast and meet some new charming female […]

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