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Feminist Fascism MOLON LABE 32

Feminist Fascism is the title for today’s inferno and “Female Sexuality” is the title for podcast. Links for the accompanying (but independent) Youtube video can be found here as well. This is…the Male Defender MOLON LABE Podcast. Meet Samara, our latest Molon Labe girl! Opening Song: “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath. Do you know SmokinObama.com? He’s […]

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Sexual Utopia in Power, F. Roger Devlin

Sexual Utopia in Power by F. Roger Devlin is a collection of some excellent essays that Dr. Devlin wrote over the past 10 years. I just bought it and read the three essays I hadn’t read previously first. I give it 10 stars. The book is kind of expensive so you may want to consider […]

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