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GAME by Roosh V is the subject for a few podcasts today at the MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. Good to have you! Would you like to take 4 and 5 star vacations at up to 50% off the price other people pay? Click the link and put your email address in the form that […]

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Cucks Love Bad Boys

Karen Straughan making Dean look like the creampuff he is. Great article from Return of Kings on a woman’s dying advice regarding other women. It’s outstanding and in the accompanying INFERNO I pretend to have Dean read it. He’s a cuck who is down for bad boys! Bad boys with humanist toys! And because we […]

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Derrick Rose the Latest Victim

Derrick Rose is the latest alpha male to be accused of rape. She didn’t file charges with the police but now she’s suing for the bucks…standard. Listen to this fantastic and bizarre story: An unidentified woman filed a suit against the Chicago Bulls player on Wednesday A lawyer representing the Chicago Bulls and Derrick Rose […]

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