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Plunder and Deceit by Mark Levin

Plunder and Deceit: Big Government’s Exploitation of Young People and the Future is a book I picked up last week on Amazon. I’m an old veteran of Levin’s outstanding radio show and all of his books (except Rescuing Sprite). It may be Levin’s most readable book. It’s concise and I’ve already referenced it in a […]

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Drone Culture MD PODCAST 10

Drone culture is everywhere in the United States today. It threatens, and I’m not exaggerating, to take out western civilization. We are mass producing a new breed of person. One who is less tolerant, less skilled, far more ignorant and completely lacking in self-awareness. This is the drone. This is he/she’s drone culture. Sadly, this […]

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Why Doesn’t the Political Right Fight?

“Progressives are not in politics to tinker with the existing system although they understand that tinkering and fixing problems along with way will gain them votes. They are in politics to transform the way Americans live…The very grandeur of their ambition turns progressives into zealots.”                                                 “Conservatism is about individual freedom which is its natural […]

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