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White Knight Rabies PODCAST

Welcome to the Male Defender MOLON LABE podcast. This is our 124th installment. It concerns White Knight Rabies which seems to affect more men than I would like to admit. Why are men such white knights for women? I try to answer that here in the context of the Ezekiel Elliot case. Opening song “Over […]

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Miko Grimes, Justification for MGTOW

MIKO GRIMES IS THE PERFECT WIFE! Man up now and find a woman just like her. Like any woman would get arrested for you! You’re not worthy of her intellectual awesomeness. Insensitive males said to muzzle her! Well that’s hate buddy. You don’t talk to her that way. True love and romance is getting arrested […]

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Censoring Everyone!

The world has changed! I can feel it in the culture. I can feel it whenever I turn on the TV and I can feel it every time someone tries to destroy another person for expressing an opinion. The latest was known hero, Davis Aurini, who lost his youtube channel for about 24 hours. He […]

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