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Get Married Now!

Get Married Now is the title of our new MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. OPENING SONG. Check out this endearing story, a post-wall disaster: “I have a few close girlfriends, for which I am grateful, but life keeps getting busier and our conversations are now months apart. Most of my nights are spent alone with […]

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Why can’t we hate men?

Welcome to the MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. We have got another epic installment defending men. Harold G contributes this appalling link. It’s a Washington Compost article called, “Why can’t we hate men?” by a psycho feminist. This is the mainstream media. Yes, it’s “mainstream” just for everyone who thinks we imagine misandry. They actually […]

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The Radical Feminist Hate Group

BY TIM PATTEN Radical feminist “scholars” invented a one sided view of gendered violence. Like ISIS which perverted a religion, feminism now perverts idea violence between genders. Women’s studies professors use manipulative half-truths and shine them through the feminist’s critical lens. Gendered Violence is defined as: intimidation; emotional, verbal and physical abuse; sexual assault; rape; and […]

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