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Why can’t we hate men?

Welcome to the MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. We have got another epic installment defending men. Harold G contributes this appalling link. It’s a Washington Compost article called, “Why can’t we hate men?” by a psycho feminist. This is the mainstream media. Yes, it’s “mainstream” just for everyone who thinks we imagine misandry. They actually […]

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The Radical Feminist Hate Group

BY TIM PATTEN Radical feminist “scholars” invented a one sided view of gendered violence. Like ISIS which perverted a religion, feminism now perverts idea violence between genders. Women’s studies professors use manipulative half-truths and shine them through the feminist’s critical lens. Gendered Violence is defined as: intimidation; emotional, verbal and physical abuse; sexual assault; rape; and […]

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Female Eating Disorders? Our Fault

Feel shame you hairy beer drinker! When women have eating disorders it’s always some man’s fault. We’re all guilty. Let’s cry and then get in the car. Some neutered pansy finds out a family member is sick from anexoria or bulimia and he tries to blame males on aggregate for it. YOU DID THIS APE! […]

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