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APA’s War on Men

Welcome to the Male Defender MOLON LABE podcast. Today we’re discussing the APA’s War on Men. Here’s there statement on their changes. It’s titled, “APA issues first-ever guidelines for practice with men and boys.” Getting that message out to men—that they’re adaptable, emotional and capable of engaging fully outside of rigid norms—is what the new […]

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Gender Roles, Molon Labe PC 6

Gender roles is something that some folks in the Manosphere say they are fighting against. I’ve never understood this position. I personally believe it’s more of an allusion to an argument than an argument in itself. What exactly are these gender roles? And who is forcing them upon you? They usually don’t say. It seems […]

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Molon Labe Podcast 2–MASCULINITY

We’re back with a new podcast! Its title, Male Defender Molon Labe Podcast-MASCULINITY not NEOmasculinity. You will like this one. Roosh V and Paul Joseph Watson have written and spoke recently about “neomasculinity.” They are my allies. I appreciate everything they do but I would add that we don’t need any “neo” for the term. […]

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