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Never Straight, Molon Labe Podcast 37

Women’s sexuality is one of our topics in this 37th installment of the Molon Labe Male Defender Podcast. SUBSCRIBE TO GUNG-HO Jihad His latest video Another Youtube channel to listen to from Gung-Ho Jihad called LALALA Movement Therapy. OPENING SONG “I Saw the Light” by Hank Williams Sr. Study Suggests Women Are Bisexual Or Gay, […]

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Socialism is for Scumbags

Socialism is for…LOSERS! I’m posting over here the links from today’s INFERNOs. Thanks Chen for the Zero Hedge piece on the Bernie Sanders sensation and why he’s so popular among the drones. So, what does Sanders propose to “revitalize” the US economy? Here are some things listed on his website: Raise taxes on US corporations […]

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Lesbian Violence Molon Labe PODCAST 15

Lesbian Violence is one of our topics in this 15th edition of the Male Defender Molon Labe Podcast. Welcome aboard! We respond to the media, the left, and our culture’s omnipresent lies about men in this episode. And a verbal beating they heavily take! 0:00 The Killers, “On Top,” groovus tune! 1:15 Our Sponsor Smokinobama.com […]

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