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Lesbian Violence Molon Labe PODCAST 15

Lesbian Violence is one of our topics in this 15th edition of the Male Defender Molon Labe Podcast. Welcome aboard! We respond to the media, the left, and our culture’s omnipresent lies about men in this episode. And a verbal beating they heavily take! 0:00 The Killers, “On Top,” groovus tune! 1:15 Our Sponsor Smokinobama.com […]

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Obesity and Sexual Attraction PODCAST 12

Obesity, which is pervasive among older women, destroys sexual attraction for many men. It gets worse as worse as you age. It’s tough to function with someone who outweighs you and whose legs have the texture of standing water. The media will never acknowledge that male ambivalence today has much to do with our inability […]

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Independent Men, Not Sheep

Independent Men, Not Sheep “He once challenged Jerome on democratic centralism, ‘Comrade Jerome, what if a Party decision is made that you cannot go along with?’” “Jerome responded that when the Party makes a decision, ‘it becomes your decision.’” –From Hollywood Traitors. Those are some of the sickest lines I have ever read. I just […]

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