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Fake Rape Busted

Yet another fake rape case to be discussed here at the MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. Thanks Daniel Nkomoo for the topic and story. Vegas Baby! That’s the latest vacation Peter is offering. Save your cash for something you actually like…like a MGTOW vacation! Subscribe to Peter’s channel on YouTube. Oh, and please give him […]

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Patrick Kane Investigation

Patrick Kane star of the NHL Chicago Blackhawks just had his entire world turned upside down. It’s all the Chicago media could talk about today. Here’s some background from The Buffalo News: Patrick Kane, the Chicago Blackhawks star who grew up in South Buffalo, is the target of a rape investigation by Hamburg police for […]

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Poor Kid Set Up, Save Tyler Kost!

Tyler Kost, a 19-year-old, has been the victim of a malicious, bizarre plot. Thirteen girls conspired to accuse him of sexual assault to “teach him a lesson.” Can you fffing believe it!?! This story is absolutely horrifying. We need to raise awareness of this case. Thanks so much to Tuscon News Now for covering this […]

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