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Biceps are Sexist! And Racist Too

Babysitter spared jail after having sex with boy aged 11’Immature’ Jade Hatt, 21, avoids prison for having intercourse with ‘sex-mad’ youngster who was ‘fully up for experience’ when he had day off school. A babysitter who had sex with an 11-year-old boy was spared jail after a judge declared that her immaturity “narrowed the arithmetic […]

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Healthy Masculinities Molon Labe 27

Healthy Masculinities is our title for this 27th Molon Labe Male Defender Podcast. It’s all we offer but it’s radically different from what some university is trying to peddle under the same name. 0:00 Opening Song: “The Sons of Liberty” from Johnny Tremaine. OUR SPONSORS! Thanks guys. Cydonian Signal offers you LEGAL SHIELD. Any number […]

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