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Cultural Marxism is on the agenda everyday in the politically correct United States of 2015. This is our 25th installment of The Male Defender Molon Labe Podcast. 0:00 Opening awesome song, Can’s Vitamin C. I still can’t believe that tune is 40 years old. 1:00 Check out a new sponsor, GUNG-HO Jihad on Youtube. Here’s […]

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Patrick Kane Investigation

Patrick Kane star of the NHL Chicago Blackhawks just had his entire world turned upside down. It’s all the Chicago media could talk about today. Here’s some background from The Buffalo News: Patrick Kane, the Chicago Blackhawks star who grew up in South Buffalo, is the target of a rape investigation by Hamburg police for […]

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Drone Culture MD PODCAST 10

Drone culture is everywhere in the United States today. It threatens, and I’m not exaggerating, to take out western civilization. We are mass producing a new breed of person. One who is less tolerant, less skilled, far more ignorant and completely lacking in self-awareness. This is the drone. This is he/she’s drone culture. Sadly, this […]

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