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How To Destroy a Man Now

Welcome to the MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast where we discuss the new book How To Destroy a Man Now by a radical feminist with a fake name. The book itself is a stunning showcase of evil. No man has ever done a thing to this author to justify this treatment. There is no rationale […]

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Plunder and Deceit by Mark Levin

Plunder and Deceit: Big Government’s Exploitation of Young People and the Future is a book I picked up last week on Amazon. I’m an old veteran of Levin’s outstanding radio show and all of his books (except Rescuing Sprite). It may be Levin’s most readable book. It’s concise and I’ve already referenced it in a […]

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The Women-are-Wonderful Effect

The Women-are-Wonderful Effect or “WAW” Effect is a phrase that comes from what was definitely the best book of 2010. Is There Anything Good About Men?: How Cultures Flourish by Exploiting Men was a book that a read closely and spend many videos on at my channel Chapin’s INFERNO. It’s very educational and I highly […]

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