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Curse of the High IQ

Curse of the High IQ is a new book by Aaron Clarey. He was a long-time advertiser on my podcast. I thank him for that. I thought I owed him the purchase of this new work. I bought it with my own money because it so intrigued me. The title was outstanding and really captured […]

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Men or Cowards? AVFM Answers: Cowards

We’ve fought the Mad Max Feminosa battle here and on Youtube. AVFM? They’re not going to fight it. They’re not going to fight anything. It’s easier to cosy up to the mainstream media then to admit that you feel uneasy about a female lead being templated upon a legendary figure. In case you’re unaware, Aaron […]

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The Black Man’s Guide Out of Poverty

I just finished reading my friend Aaron Clarey’s new book, The Black Man’s Guide Out of Poverty. I think it would inspire a good many people who suffer from the demoralization that many blacks may feel as a result of the Democratic Party Media Complex. I honestly think that we would all get along if […]

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