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Spartan Discipline

Spartan Discipline is our topic for this week’s installment of the Male Defender MOLON LABE podcast. We’ll be discussing and reading from Dominic Mann’s Spartan Discipline: How to Develop Spartan Discipline, Unbreakable Mental Toughness, and Relentless Willpower.

From the Amazon description:

Imagine a life without limits. The true you, unleashed. The lion-like Spartan warrior within, roaming free.
Succumb to less. Achieve success.

We all know that discipline is the key to our dreams. There’s just one problem. Discipline is hard.

But here’s a secret: It doesn’t have to be. Self-Discipline: How to Develop Spartan Discipline, Unbreakable Mental Toughness, and Relentless Willpower by Dominic Mann teaches you life’s single most important skill—the ability to get done what you really want to get done. That’s right. No more regrets, only exhilarating success!

Why the Spartans disliked pleasure (and how this made them STRONGER).
The ONE thing that leads to effortless discipline in ALL areas of your life.
Why the austere Spartans were actually happier than the decadent king of Persia.

Live powerfully. Achieve greatness. Be a Spartan.
How the Spartans and Navy SEALs develop jaw-dropping mental toughness.
How to conquer yourself so that you can, in turn, conquer your goals.
The surprising “inverse self-discipline” hack that catapults you toward your goals.

Song: Bettie Seveert “Kids Alright.”

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