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SJWs Are a Threat to Intelligence

Welcome to our latest Male Defender podcast which is SJWs Are a Threat to Intelligence. Good to have you aboard!

Here’s our lead story, and my only regret is that it was too short. Thanks to Robert Lindsay!

The purpose of life is looking for patterns that help you to explain reality. The SJW What about the exceptions? bullshit is intended to completely stop humans for seeking or discussing any patterns in humans because all patterns in humans are necessarily generalizations, stereotypes, and various forms of bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia and all the rest of the garbage bull****.

All Identity Politics is based on the primacy of theory over fact, and as such, all IP is intellectually fraudulent. The fact that it is mandatory for all humans in the West to go along with a manifestly intellectually fraudulent and provably false set of theories on pain of job firing, career destruction, etc. is one of the most anti-scientific and anti-intellectual outrages of our modern era. And I lay this whole travesty at the foot of the intellectual joke called the Cultural Left, a miasma of propaganda and lies masquerading as truth and science.

How obese is our government? They’re now arresting mothers for disciplining their daughters by taking away their cellphones! Yes, it happened. How sick is that?

Lastly, Piers Morgan made some cool comments and now some feminists are calling him an MRA and Incel. Ridiculous! Being a leftist doesn’t save you from other leftists feeding on you. They’re co-competing parasites.

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  1. dalriada842
    Posted September 22, 2018 at 10:13 pm | Permalink

    Your singing is still better than most of the people in the charts.
    As far as Mensa tests go, I paid to take one many years ago, out of curiosity. It bore no relation whatsoever to the free tests they have online. The real test was much more demanding. I don’t know the technical terms, but there were things like pattern recognition; being able to handle complex instructions to identify an entry in a grid, that required an agile mind and good memory etc. The most subjective part involved finding a word that connected two others. I found the logical tests much easier than the language ones. Though my brain felt as though it had been twisted into a pretzel afterward!

    • Bernard Chapin
      Posted September 23, 2018 at 2:41 am | Permalink

      no doubt it’s a very tough test, but when i saw it about 15 years ago there was geometry on there along with some math you’d have to be taught in school…maybe it’s changed

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