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Sex Robots Threaten Matriarchy!

“Sex Robots scare biggun masters” to death would be a better title. If you ask me this story is just another irrational reaction to somebody wanting to outrun the blockade. The guys who buy these things are looking to outflank the feminist cabal. Hey feminists, aren’t you pro-choice? Let these guys to decide for themselves if they want these robots. It’s none of your fffing business. I don’t want one, but let us allow the market forces to play out.

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First the BBC…standard.

A campaign has been launched calling for a ban on the development of robots that can be used for sex.

Such a use of the technology is unnecessary and undesirable, said campaign leader Dr Kathleen Richardson.

Sex dolls already on the market are becoming more sophisticated and some are now hoping to build artificial intelligence into their products.

Those working in the field say that there is a need for such robots.
Dr Richardson, a robot ethicist at De Montfort University in Leicester, wants to raise awareness of the issue and persuade those developing sex robots to rethink how their technology is used.

“Sex robots seem to be a growing focus in the robotics industry and the models that they draw on – how they will look, what roles they would play – are very disturbing indeed,” she told the BBC.

She believes that they reinforce traditional stereotypes of women and the view that a relationship need be nothing more than physical.

Second, the Independent:

Companies should be stopped from developing sex robots with artificial intelligence for fear of harming humanity, according to campaigners.

Many engineers are looking to add artificial intelligence to sex toys and dolls in an attempt to make them more like humans, and therefore more attractive to customers. But such moves are unethical and will harm humanity, according to a new campaign.

The Campaign Against Sex Robots, launched this week, says that the “increasing effort” that has gone into producing sex robots — “machines in the form of women or children for use as sex objects, substitutes for human partners or prostitutes” — is harmful and makes society more unequal.

The researchers say that such robots contribute towards the objectification of women and children and enforce stereotypical ideas of them. The robots reduce human empathy, since they will take people away from relationships with real humans, they argue.

Thanks Eric U, Dan K, and Spockantor

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  1. Bosun Dave
    Posted September 16, 2015 at 4:04 am | Permalink

    I posted this comment in the Inferno Comments on YouTube:

    We must keep in mind that leftists are all Eugenics/Social Engineers at heart. Like their Marxist and Nazi forerunners, they are set on creating a perfect Master/serf society with themselves at the pinnacle. And they know when a Man can easily purchase a robotic companion “with benefits”, that the femifacists and their ilk will be one step closer to obsolescence. And, much the same as cloning technology… if cloning became a viable alternative to natural childbirth for reproduction… it would completely eliminate the need for men to have any dealings with women’s treacherous hpergomy, the bias of corrupt government/courts, and the financial drain subsequent dealings engender. And that’s what scares them… a “Brave New World’ where they have no manipulative control over men’s sexual and reproductive options.

  2. Mike Nystrom
    Posted September 16, 2015 at 10:11 am | Permalink

    If that is Leicester in England, it is pronounced “lester”, believe it or not.

  3. Komamuram
    Posted September 16, 2015 at 10:43 am | Permalink

    The problem is very simple: the price of sex is set to 50%+ of all your money until the sucker drops dead. This is the simple reason why they are so against prostitution and the development of fembots.
    I think they are fools, ‘cos most men gets a dopamin rush when they are appreciated and needed by attractive women. This is involuntary, so the ladies would still get their repair and money making drones just by acting feminine.
    The sad truth is that none of the above actially matters. What matters is to finance the life of some conartists by a frenzied mob – as large as possible. Conartists, who are proclaimed as “expert”, “authoritiy” or “leader of ‘nicely sounding moral words’ “.

  4. Posted May 9, 2017 at 5:19 pm | Permalink

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