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MGTOW, Saving Lives

Clementine Ford, MGTOW Saving Lives by Avoiding Her
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By Tim Patten

Modern romance, notably love and marriage, is failing. Every year, millions of American couples see their relationships fall apart. For many males, however, the result is not something to get upset about.

In fact, a growing number of divorced men are discovering their true purpose in life. They are moving themselves, friends and society toward something better, joining with large communities of men who’ve already rejected the glamorization of love and marriage.

Bachelorhood and initiatives such as Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) are helping to rebuild esteem and save men’s lives.

The truth is, women and society as a whole have been rallying support for eons behind the institution of marriage. Among other things, it’s been claimed that unmarried men die earlier than their married counterparts, which has helped to glorify matrimonial sanctimony.

The justifications haven’t only been positive, however. Another, more harmful stereotype, which maintains that something is “wrong” or a guy is “a loser” when men who are not married, first emerged during Victorian times.

But things have changed. A modern counterculture phenomenon is helping to reject old school values at the same time as millions are discovering the nuptial bomb that can explode when men and women become entangled.

As a result, many men have decided enough is enough, and they are rejecting matrimony’s unhealthy consequences. Movements such as MGTOW, Japan’s Herbivore Men and Red Pill awareness are offering the education that young men should know to be successful in today’s world.

In fact, recent comments from those who are involved in such efforts have yielded interesting insights about the benefits of the new bachelorhood.

One individual who monitors posts at a popular MGTOW website said, “in 2015, there [had] been six private emails from members sharing that MGTOW discovery saved their lives.” A second moderator noted, “MGTOW saves thousands of lives. Thousands of them.”

How Do Men Discover MGTOW

Men often conduct Google searches about divorce in the hope of gaining a first-hand understanding from those who have experienced the pain of losing a wife, children and property.

In many cases, they stumble upon MGTOW forums and videos, where they find camaraderie, a compassionate ear, and helpful lessons centered on the tyranny of a divorced mate.

In these forums they can vent and repair wounds. They may also hear about a movie, Divorce Corporation, which explores the large-scale devastation that men have been confronted with.

While MGTOW contributors are usually anonymous, they freely share their all-to-common experiences. Below are two examples of MGTOW saving lives:

At 51 years old and fresh out of a divorce. Divorce made me realize that I have never been in a reciprocal relationship. By that I mean that I have never been with anyone that treated me as well as I treated them.

I was always telling them how much I loved them. And my reward for treating someone well was always either being lied to or cheated on. Most importantly, my energy was drained out of me.

Now I view relationships as an exchange of energy. People with positive energy have a place in my life, people with negative energy, or people that steal other people’s energy, are dismissed.

My life is so much more positive and rewarding since making this decision. MGTOW gave me the understanding that my life is just that, MY LIFE.

Not being responsible for someone else’s daily happiness gives me the freedom to focus on my own level of happiness and contentment. As a result I am a better father, better friend, and overall a better person.

For many men, the moment of truth can arrive suddenly, triggered, perhaps, by a relationship gone sour.

They have an epiphany and discover the “Red Pill”—a phrase from the film, The Matrix, describing the awareness of a painful truth, bursting forth from blissful ignorance or an illusory reality.

Red Pill moments represent an awakening, of sorts, from the fantasies of love and marriage. For some, it can take decades; for those who are more visionary (or luckier), the realization occurs early on, as comments from other contributors will attest:

When I discovered MGTOW it was the slap in the face I needed to snap me out of my enforced Disney funded stupor. I was to be Prince Charming to my Cinderella, It was hard and I was very close to ending my life… very close. One day the sound of children laughing and playing in a school yard saved me for that day. MGTOW understanding gave me the rest of my ‘bonus time’ here on earth.

Can a single life really be healthy? Sayings such as “behind every good man, there’s a woman” and “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” suggest that men who don’t enjoy these so-called advantages invariably suffer for it.

Nowadays, people laugh at these old wives tails, decrying them as sexist nonsense, pure and simple. Equality is the watchword in the modern world: women don’t need to be subservient to males, and men can readily navigate life’s journey without a wife, as two other commentators point out:

Well, as for myself most of the positive aspects of being MGTOW have been a profound clarity with regards to women’s nature in general as well as in personal situations hence: easier decision making. I am better focused on my personal goals and career. I am generally harder to get bribed or entangled with bad people. I am more bullshit proof. At first I had red pill rage and that decreased in time as my own dignity increased. I have less stress/worries over rather inane issues. I have an easier life / more laid-back-style and more personal freedom. My life is completely different now since going MGTOW, I’m getting promoted again! I have ended hate towards everyone.

There are undoubtedly obstacles ahead for MGTOW, but history reveals that men are remarkable and the most resourceful beings on the planet.

As they have done in the past, men will learn to overcome these and any other problems that may challenge the future survival of the bachelorhood lifestyle.

At one time, single guys were stigmatized as losers—or worse—but not now.

MGTOW are discovering independence, self-esteem, time and resources for personal interests and development, as well as the benefits of freeing themselves from outdated traditions and others’ expectations.

In sum, the brotherhood of MGTOW continues to grow, evolve and define new lifestyles, and to inspire a greater appreciation for what men are good at: solving problems, harnessing the world around us, and building communities. The difference this time, though, is that the brothers are doing it for themselves.

Tim Patten is a retired software engineer and author of newly released MGTOW Building Wealth and Power. He also wrote
WHY I CHEAT – 11 campfire stories for men’s ears only. Both books are a celebration of masculinity and pay homage to the modern men’s liberation movement.

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  1. Rick Martin
    Posted April 26, 2016 at 12:00 am | Permalink

    Good article! Thank you Tim!

  2. MGTOW
    Posted March 31, 2019 at 10:36 pm | Permalink

    Feminism causes cancer because of women. MGTOW saves men’s lives.

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