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The Right Fights Back!

Is our country on the brink of serious unrest? Yes, I really think it is. John Derbyshire does not think much will come of it, but I am sick of the left’s perpetual violence. It warmed me to find these three examples of the right fighting back.

The first occurred when a group of low-T college anti-FAs tried to block the road. Why? They think that’s witty argumentation I guess. The guy in the video has had enough though. He blasts one of them and another little mangina tries to use his anarchy pole as a lance.

I think a lot of these kids were never in fights before so they don’t recognize all the bad things that can happen when you try to initiate violence with others. Remember my advice here, once you introduce violence you a.cannot stop it and b.cannot predict where it will lead. That’s why you always want to act in a non-violence manner (excluding self-defense obviously). The below video is very educational.

Trump Supporters Fight Back!

Here’s Big Joe and he’s in the middle of the woman’s march. He doesn’t understand a bit of it, but due to his ethnicity no one physically attacks him at least. They do try to should him down and prevent him from debunking their claims. It doesn’t work, and it’s good to know that we share a country with a guy like this.

And I love these three working class guys who take a stand to Shia LaBeouf. Good video, keep it up lads!

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    Second-from-top vid is no longer available.

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