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Return of Kings Killed

Return of Kings Killed is our new MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast! Welcome aboard!

RooshV, a truly brave and good man in this culture war, has been defamed repeatedly by the left. They tell all sorts of lies about him and he is a major target of our enemies. Indeed, in this Motherboard article the idiot journalist tells two falsehoods in the first sentence!

He came out with a video the other day stating that “deplatforming” attempts have been so vicious and effective that he had to close down Return of Kings. He could no longer make any money at the endeavor. He notes:

After six years of continuous operation and 5,800 articles published, I’m putting ROK on an indefinite hiatus so I can take a break from the daily grind of maintaining the site. I don’t know when the hiatus will end.

The first factor for this hiatus is that site revenues are too low. We’ve been banned from Paypal and countless ad partners, which forced me to lay off the site editor last year and also lower payments to regular contributors. This started a negative spiral of declining content quality, site traffic, and revenues. Even the beloved comments section, which many see as the highlight of ROK, was badly hit when Disqus banned us. Currently, ROK receives half the traffic of its peak and less than one-fifth of the income.

The leftists are in full congratulation mode over this event. The fact is that, while their evil tactics “work,” they are making America a totalitarian society with their censorship and storm trooper tactics.

They can gloat, but the Stasi never limited themselves to arresting actual enemies. Give an apparatus power and it will be used against all persons.

Return of Kings was the best men’s website in my opinion and I’m sad to see them go. He’s got to do what he needs to survive though and I understand.

Opening song, Sammy Hagar, “Your Love is Driving Me Crazy.”

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