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Got Freedom Bro? PODCAST 60


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OPENING Song: “King Khan And The Shrines – No Regrets.”

Only rednecks support Donald Trump? Nope. Although many pundits argue that Donald Trump’s support base comes from the poor and uneducated, exit polling in many states suggests the richer and better educated voters are also turning out for the billionaire.

‘Damaged masculinity’ may help explain Columbine and other mass shootings.

Langman has an idea. He calls it “damaged masculinity” and he thinks it is overlooked not just in the Columbine case but in many other mass shootings — an important observation considering that most mass shooters are male.

Harris was born with a birth defect in his leg. He also had a chest deformity that required surgeries just before high school. He had a noticeable, sunken chest. His hopes to follow his father into the military — to be a tough guy, a Marine — were likely to be unrealized.

Guns, he reasoned, could give him power and control.

“I am (expletive) armed,” he wrote in his journal. “I feel more confident, stronger, more Godlike.”

What was he without guns?

“The weird looking Eric kid,” Harris wrote.

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Chelsea Clinton: With Scalia Gone, Gun Control an Opportunity on Supreme Court.

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Got freedom Bro? You mad Bro? You mad dumb leftist? You bet she is. Get ready to meet Melissa Click 2.0. College Professor Calls Cops On Conservatives – But Her Plan Backfires BIG TIME. The police came…and took her away for a talk.

HILLARY ON USING EXECUTIVE ORDERS TO TAKE GUNS: “AMEN” Supporter urges Clinton to take on “the sons and daughters of Charlton Heston.”

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Enemies corner. Gosh darn it. Do Not Link.com appears to be permanently broken. Want Fewer Murders? Tax Guns and Ammo. A novel approach to curbing gun crimes in Seattle looks to sidestep legal battles with the NRA.

Hopeful article of the week: Republican State Rep. Earl Ehrhart, who chairs the influential Georgia House Appropriations Subcommittee on Higher Education, filed the lawsuit along with his wife, alleging the federal government violated the Administrative Procedure Act when they issued a “guidance document” that included onerous new regulations for schools to follow. If schools fail to abide by the Department’s Office for Civil Rights’ ever-changing guidance, they risk losing federal funding.

The superannuation gender gap: women struggling to put enough aside for retirement.

Special thanks to Gary, Donovan W, Adam S, Daniel S, Ryan Carillo, and Al Mo.

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