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Patrick Kane, Greg Hardy and SJWs

Patrick Kane is innocent. The woman lied about him from the beginning. She was looking for $, not a proper police investigation. Yet what does the media do? They pretend it was Kane’s fault. No, seriously, that’s what they did. They call a false allegation train “Kanergate” because they’re narrative is that men are perpetrators and women are their victims…period.

Let me post this picture because I know the SJWs will hate it:

Listen to this depressed loser try to spin the results of the case (innocent man freed!) to meet the culturally Marxist dictates of his ideology:

The aftermath of the Patrick Kane case is one of ruin. Trust ruined. Faith in equity – and frequently in humanity, given the toxic nature of the debate over the Chicago Blackhawks and their star’s actions – ruined. Lives forever changed.

Because criminal investigations into the alleged rape of a 21-year-old woman have regrettably morphed into some twisted sport on social media, someone was going to spike the football when a decision to charge or not to charge was rendered.

Kane finally speaks out, “I did nothing wrong.” Darn right you didn’t and all of these A-holes in the media need to apologize to you. The journalist wants us all to shake our heads in disappointment over the prosecutor’s “tone.” They tone police him but why don’t they mention that we should prosecute her for false rape allegations?

Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita III described a 21-year-old college student’s sexual assault claim against Kane as “rife with reasonable doubt” and said Kane never behaved like a guilty man. He diminished it further by referring to the investigation as “this so-called ‘case.'”

In a two-page statement, the veteran prosecutor struck a remarkable tone for the 3-month-old rape investigation as he outlined what amounted to a strong defense for the hockey player and raised sharp doubts about the truthfulness of the woman’s accusation.

This SJW “reporter” wants to turn the Kane case into a trial over comments on comment boards. Somebody said something she didn’t like! Oh the horror.

Greg Hardy supposedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend. We don’t know if that is true though because she didn’t show up for the appeal trial. Now Deadspin releases pictures that show “the face of domestic violence.” Why is domestic violence worse than violence? Why is it worse for Hardy to bruise this lady than to bruise men? Isn’t violence simply…violence? And where does the mischief of the press end? What are they proposing with this crusade against Hardy? What they want is for his life to be ruined and for him to never work again.

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