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The Art of the Argument

Welcome to the MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. We are here to discuss Stefan Molyneux’s new book, The Art of the Argument: Western Civilization’s Last Stand.

I’ve been familiar with Stefan since 2008 or so and have noticed that he has gotten stronger and stronger in the years since. There is little that he says which I disagree with. He’s a strong voice for our side.

A great deal of the book meets the criteria for poetry. It’s very memorable speech. Yet the book isn’t theory only. Most of the examples are things you can relate to. “Thought is the new punk.” Indeed! We live in brain dead drone times. There is a lot to cherish in this thin volume. He teaches and also entertains.

We’ll do two parts here. Here’s Part ONE.

Here’s Part Two:

I’m going to do a short video in the hopes of getting some youtubers to visit Male Defender. Also, you can follow Male Defender on Sound Cloud itself. We thank you in advance for doing so.

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The SJW Cancer

Welcome to the SJW Cancer yet another fine Male Defender MOLON LABE broadcast. Awesome to have you here with us. Again, we’re tackling part of the leftist menace, this time with corporations that have “converged” with the wishes of SJWs. A perfect example of this is the NFL–hence the picture above.

We’re again reading from SJWs Always Double Down: Anticipating the Thought Police (The Laws of Social Justice Book 2) by Vox Day. Vox mentions two total sell-out organizations in this passage: Apple and Facebook. Give it a listen. We are glad to have you.

Here is our last and final part. We explore the idea of “gamma male” of which David “Feminist Fatboy” Futrelle is the best example.

Hey, pay Vox back. BUY HIS BOOK! It’s sensational.

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SJWs Always Double Down

SJWs Always Double Down is the topic for our latest Molon Labe Male Defender podcast. It’s a reflection of our subject, yes, Vox Day’s new book SJWs Always Double Down. The work is part II which comes two years after the publication of his AWESOME part I–SJWs Always Lie.

Yesterday, on the INFERNO I did a reading of the preface by Ivan Thorne. Today, in this installment I read the intro and part of the first chapter for you. Anyone up for a second clip?

By the way, here’s the link for “Just What I Needed” by the Cars. A killer tune if there ever was one. Listen to part II below and you’ll hear my second favorite song by them. If you like these podcasts, drop a comment brother! Don’t cost nothing.

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