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Why We Get Fat PODCAST 110

I loved The Case Against Sugar so much that I went out and bought Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It. Gary Taubes is a great author, and he is very authoritative on this topic. He’s got another book I may look into in the months to come as well.

Why We Get Fat provides outstanding evidence and information for any man who wants to lose weight or stay in shape.

In my opinion, it’s a must buy. Right now you can get a used one on amazon for $2.98.

Taubes has been a real inspiration for me. I’m serious. I avoid sugar and white flour carbs like I never have before. I’m still a floppy Phil in the effort department though because I experimented with “Ancient Grains” and saw the same carb jonesing that’s always haunted me.

Quitting alcohol is easy, quitting carbs…yikes that’s hard. Yes, it’s a long road but I am improving. The last 4 weeks have been great for me, but I’ve only lost 8 pounds. If I do that again in the following 4 week period I’ll really have something going. We’ll see. In the meantime I think I’m going to reread Why We Get Fat a second time. Here’s the podcast. It’s for your enjoyment brother.

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The RED PILL Review


With her new documentary, feminist Cassie Jaye has napalmed an outmoded gender equality landscape into shards of dust, and remolded the smoking embers into an innovative narrative representing a modern day understanding.

The Red Pill (theredpillmovie.com) is a spellbinding, and occasionally shocking, journey of enlightenment and introspection. The documentary is clean, sharp and full of hypnotic rhythms that crackle with meaningful radical revelations, uplifting our common humanity.

Unlike most equality rights advocates of her ilk, Ms. Jaye was decided to question the traditional worldview on gender equality and seek out hard facts and diverse accounts.

She dove into the rabbit hole of misogynistic hate–a men’s rights advocacy group called A Voice for Men–and emerged with unexpected insights [even those idiots can defeat feminists mentally–BC]. She slayed the man-supporters, putting a knife into the racist, anti-women rape-apologist brutes. But the beasts were welcoming, pleasant and endured the battle.

Not surprisingly, after film editing when Cassie presented the documentary at various early forums, fellow suffragettes attacked and sought to shut the movie down, lashing out and spewing detestable bombast.

Beyond protests in March 13, 2017, a Calgary women’s studies professor Rebecca Sullivan (on CBC news) offered up a disparaging review and slanderous comments about the film and about young males.

As always, the older powerful ladies behind the youthful women’s movement have been keen to silence alternative perspectives, since their primary objective has long been to dismantle the patriarchy–remove straight white men from positions of influence and ignore the support of human rights for boys, fathers and men.

But their efforts are faltering. Amid the firestorm of protesting ideas, a fresh movement is afoot and masses are being enticed by original truths, inspiring an overdue reappraisal of a now destructive societal framework called gender equality.

Millions of Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) and Red Pill supporters, together with numerous boys’, fathers’ and men’s rights advocates, are offering her their heartfelt thanks to Cassie. In seeking genuine equality, she and others are helping society to keep moving into a better future.

I never wanted children, but I was nevertheless inspired by an interview Ms. Jaye had with San Diego’s National Collation For Men (NCFM) Board President Harry Crouch, where they discussed how advances in men’s reproductive rights could create far-reaching harmony and cooperation between new moms and dads.

Instead nowadays, when a woman and man choose unprotected sex and become pregnant, the moms’ choices for the child multiply while the father’s disappears, objectifying him as a penis rather than a human.

Certainly, many men do decide to “hit and run,” but for those who believe, rightly so, that they are a part of the equation, they find societal and institutional inequities at work significantly against these fathers.

The father has no right to the abortion, adoption and life decisions of his shared child, but is forced into financial support by the state if she chooses life. A formula that causes abhorrence between the potential mom and dad.

Indeed, the “one gender chooses” option often leaves men suffering. Therapist Janel Ball, of Healing Solutions Professional Counselling Services, wrote about a client who underwent nearly 10 years of therapy after being traumatized by his partner’s decision to have an abortion, even though he wanted the child and was prepared to be a father in every way.

Another therapist, Tom Golden, LCSW, said he had seen men who had “struggled with the powerlessness of wanting children that their wives wanted to abort.”

In reality, “my body, my choice” only serves, as scholar “bell hooks” notes, to remove fathers from the picture and eviscerate white straight men, feminisms primary objective.

The misguided mantra of glorifying single motherhood is socially pervasive, even though evidence indicates that fatherless boys have an 80% chance of dropping out, being imprisoned, or failing to attain viable employment.

Unfortunately, many who rant, “Women don’t need a man to raise kids,” end up with one thing: lives of misery.

Ms. Jaye has also interviewed Michael S. Kimmel (see “GIMP”), a feminist-inspired author and sociologist.

He and the insidiously misnamed American Men’s Studies Association (AMSA) have been active cheerleaders for the “men and masculinities” college pedagogy.

Rather than being dedicated to achieving educational equality for males, who are light years behind females, they are the shills for a cultish activist ideology.

In their view, most young men are socially constructed by a toxic dominant hegemonic masculinity that favors aggression and violence toward women, and they, the AMSA, are focused on “repairing our faulty boys and men.”

To them, males are to blame for what ails society; they must be changed to loosen patriarchy’s chokehold, commonly using male shaming tactics to accomplishment psychological reengineering.

Kimmel and his lady leaders ignore toxic data identifying female jealousy, suspicion, nagging and threatening behavior as the primary catalysts for violent arguments between couples.

Certainly, most serious academics such as Dr. Jordan Peterson, consider their theories laughable–they are the Pet Rocks of modern quackery, perpetuating stereotypes that contribute to driving boys further into anti-social behaviors and suicide.

This film upends history, shining a beacon on fresh understandings and shifting our world paradigm.

I highly recommend The Red Pill–and give it five stars. Young adults will formulate a healthy view beyond those of early generations of adults and parents.

I would also remind you that efforts to improve our lives require all sorts of assistance, including donations and volunteering. We must call upon our highest angels and work to end the hateful garner equality bias that exists today.

We can promote a narrative that is fair for all, including society’s most important members, our boys and girls. They are the future.



Mr. Patten has just published a deeply personal, never-before-told-story, MY KILL PLAY. It details his traumatic circumcision at age 5 and the humiliation it caused, as well as his infection with HIV 35 years ago and the impact it had on loved ones and his career in high tech and professional roller derby. He is an outside supporter of MGTOW and has published the handy investment guide: MGTOW Building Wealth and Power. He also wrote WHY I CHEAT11 campfire stories for men’s ears only. Both books are a celebration of masculinity and pay homage to the modern men’s liberation movement.


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YouTube Moving Against Us

YouTube has recently demonetized about 100 of my videos. This is distressing to say the least. Others have made some excellent videos on this topic as TFM did.

Last night, it was a 20-strike against me. John H sent me this video from Styxhexenhammer666 addressing the topic which I want to share with you.

I agree with most of what he says here, but I do think that Manosphere accounts in general will be the ones whose accounts are auto-demonetized. Will leftists lose some $ for their videos? Yeah, probably, but it won’t be like what they do to us.

For us, especially the Manosphere as opposed to the right in general, it’ll be a YouTube nuclear strike. Watch my video below on this subject. I provide specific evidence of what they’re censoring.

The types of videos they’re demonetizing tells the whole story. Notice that some of these videos are “non-political”. Yet, if they sound like they may be critical of women, then they get the ax. That’s the real reason they were de-monetized.

Here’s a link to an article that discusses alternatives to Youtube.

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