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Murderess All Over News!

Looking great! That’s all that matters.

This is a hot story. A young lady kills two guys and then gets on social media to tell everyone she’s “all over the news.” That’s sweet! You’re a Facebook star. Maybe there will be a mini-series for you! The police have provided her with a ready made excuse: she had a seizure, despite her not saying anything about it in her post. Brianna Longoria, I just hope the deceased can forgive you.

Longoria and her friends were taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

Later that night she posted on Facebook, ‘im all over the news bad car crash 2 died,’ according to KTLA.

It’s still unclear what caused Longoria to drive through the stop sign instead of stopping.

Investigators said Thursday that there’s no indication she was on her phone or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Speed also doesn’t appear to have been a factor.

Posts on social media indicate Longoria may have suffered a medical emergency, such as a seizure.
The crash happened just as schools were letting out for the day.

Longoria has not been charged with a crime.

Megyn “Butch” Kelly wants to know why Bill O’Reilly did not do a better job white knighting for her during the Donald Trump imbroglio. Come on Bill! Say Hey Vajay!

Tampon Tax Dead in Cook County!
Cook County commissioners Richard Boykin and Deborah Sims passed legislation Wednesday to nix the feminine hygiene tax, also known as the “tampon tax,” within county limits. The city and county legislative bodies voted to reclassify feminine products from “luxury items” to “items of medical necessity.” The previous tax code classified tampons and sanitary napkins as luxury items, meaning they were taxed 10.25 percent prior to the new legislation.

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  1. Paul Muro
    Posted April 11, 2016 at 9:09 pm | Permalink

    Hopefully only lobotomy outpatient women ,aka feminists ,believe the lying biased propaganda Meghan Kelly spews about Trump every night on her show . How shameless is she for asking for White Knighting from Bill O’ Reilly because her itsy bitsy narcissistic entitlement bubble was burst when Trump gave some wonderful comedic insults back at her after she attacked him in that debate ? Aaawww poor victimized woman . She also gave an incompetent biased interview to Michelle Fields which was nothing more than an anti-Trump platform of lies on national TV ! I guess she thinks we men need to ”man up” and prostrate ourselves before women n put ourselves in the firing line to protect their honor ,since men are clearly second class citizens to this overpaid celebrity bitch , who is nothing more than a glorified blogger w a photogenic face . Pathetic .

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