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Man Disconnected

Man Disconnected: How Technology Has Sabotaged What it Means to be Male is a new book that was just released by world famous psychologist, Dr. Phillip Zimbardo.

The book is a mixed bag. There are definitely some good points made here by Dr. Zimbardo. The man is over 80 years old now so I am not certain as to how much of this book he wrote versus his what his assistant Nikita D. Coulombe wrote.

I found that there are many feminist tropes in this book and very little questioning of politically correct dogma. Women are outperforming men? Only in the socialist fields and how much of an influence has affirmative action had on the performance of men in the workplace? He doesn’t say.

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Affirmative action causes women to be hired and promoted before men are. In any field in which women outperform and are over-represented, such as teaching, society makes no comment. Yet in those fields, such as STEM, wherein men are over-represented we say “Where are the women!” and demand government action. That needs to be stopped and we must combat the misandry of promoting one sex over the other.

When the state picks the winners and the losers–via state sponsored discrimination–and then its impact is ignored it makes one skeptical of the idea that young men nowadays are losers as a result. There’s a 1 trillion dollar college debt bomb hanging over the heads of Americans at present. Will men be required to–via the government nullifying their debts–provide women with a bailout? I sure as heck hope not. Be strong and independent, pay your own way.

Of course, there is some good information here such as that the US government set up a website called womenshealth.gov and then refused to set up a comparable site for men. Indeed, mens health was mentioned as a subgroup on the woman’s site! Another example of interest, was the poll of Toronto 8 and 9-year-olds in which they were asked what they didn’t like about being boys. Their answers were astounding and very depressing.

Dr. Zimbardo is a famous and accomplished psychologist. He’s known for the invaluable Stanford Prison Experiments, but this is a pop culture work. It’s not scholarship. Anytime your quoting a 1999 Freddie Prinze movie for an example it should raise some eyebrows, but there remains very little that is serious about our society anymore. Again, I’m not sure how much of this book he actually wrote.

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