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After Liberalism…Terror!


What’s Coming After Liberalism? Great article.

This is why, when people my parents’ age scoff at the whole trans thing and dismiss it as just the cause du jour (remember Darfur? neither do any of the SJWs), I shake my head and tell them they have no idea what’s coming. The project of the Willed Self is a natural outgrowth of Enlightenment thinking. (I share your opinion that Submission is not a great book, but a very important one in terms of exposing the internal contradictions of the Enlightenment.) The whole intellectual movement of the last three centuries has at its core the principle of freeing the willed self from all constraints. The trans movement represents this idea’s apex: if we can free ourselves from basic biology and anatomy, then truly we have become gods. “I am that I am” is no longer confined to Exodus 3; it is the mantra of the willed self freed from all external barriers. There is nothing beyond the subjective, the personal, the therapeutic, because all that matters is how I define my own self, my own existence, and my own gratification. There can be no society or community within this worldview. Patrick Deneen was right in that “After Liberalism” lecture he gave: Enlightenment liberalism has been scary for we traditional conservatives, but what’s coming next — what’s coming now — is terrifying.

Leftist concern troller at Salon demands a strike by all black football players. Seriously. What about their dreams? What about their passion? What about their future? The leftist couldn’t care less. They are pawns in his game.

Black football players should all strike: The one immediate move guaranteed to bring about immediate political change. The University of Missouri proved football players have serious political clout. What if they used it?

A couple of weeks ago, the African-American members of the University of Missouri football team managed to accomplish in a matter of hours what months of concerted activism failed to: they forced the school’s racially ignorant president to step down. It was a stunning example of the audacious power wielded by football players in our culture.

Then again, getting one clueless college president fired is pretty small potatoes in the larger African-American struggle for dignity and justice.

So how about this, as a thought experiment:

What if all African-American football players—at major college programs, and in the NFL—refused to suit up until their demands were met? What would happen in states such as Alabama and Texas and Florida, where football is essentially a religion, if African-American players—who represent about two-thirds of every squad—went on strike to protest (just for instance) laws meant to disenfranchise voters of color?

How quickly would the media swoop in to publicize the details of the racist laws state legislators have pushed through over the last decade?

Backfire: Hillary Tweets All Sexual Abuse Accusers Deserve To Be ‘Believed,’ Is Reminded Of Her Husband. “Internet males” started making fun of her. This sort of thing has to be stopped! It’s all your fault.

Feminist Education in the Australian schools. Please tell us all about it!

The first accredited subject in the Australian curriculum that addresses gender inequality is being launched today at Melbourne’s Fitzroy High School.

The subject, Fightback: Addressing Everyday Sexism in Australian Schools, was generated by a group of students who were frustrated by the effects of gender discrimination in their school.

A dozen or so of the students began by forming what they called The Fitzroy Feminist Collective, where they gathered to make posters to put up around their school and “rant” about their frustrations.

Guy’s life ruined when he is put in jail for rapes he did not commit. Thank God for DNA evidence!
Luis Vargas broke down in tears as a judge in Los Angeles ordered the case dismissed after new DNA evidence linked the crime to a serial attacker on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. The 46-year-old had been in prison for crimes he didn’t commit since 1999 and was serving a sentence of 55 years to life for three sexual assaults. Vargas placed his hand to his forehead and covered his eyes as Los Angeles Superior Court Judge William Ryan dismissed the case during as brief hearing packed with family and law school students who had worked to free him.

CBS Offers Glowing Profile of Girls Trying to Join the Boy Scouts; ‘Scouting for Change’.

Dallas Mayor Rawlings tells MSNBC he’s more afraid of white men shooting people than Syrian refugees.

Women’s Aid has called for a cyberstalking “offence be introduced in Irish law” to better protect women from digital abuse. The organisation’s call coincides with today being International Day Opposing Violence against Women.
Women’s Aid wants all-encompassing legislation to account for digital abuse and stalking and for a better understanding of the harmful nature of digital abuse.

All women morality police within the lands of ISIS. Pretty fascinating story.

Thanks to Rob T, Dan T, Deshiaa, Valentino Vals, Adam S, William the Iconoclast, Dan S, and Al Mo.

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