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Karen Straughn, Girl Writes What!

Karen Straughn, Girl Writes What, is one of the most important youtubers. As I type, she has over 149k subscribers. She has brought many a man great understanding on the nature of anti-feminism and men’s rights over the years.
Official Male Defender, Gerry, was just saying to me earlier today, “oh wow I got in to a lot of this because of Karen.” He’s not alone. She has a huge following in the Male Defender community, and I thought it would be a great idea to get her on camera for an interview. I’m in the process of trying to figure out, “what the heck happened to the MRM?”

It seemed to begin imploding in about 2011 which was about a year after Karen Straughn began making interviews as Girl Writes What.

For my part, I started out in this business in 2003 when I submitted an article to Men’s News Daily. I started pumping stuff out for Mike LaSalle pretty regularly until 2008. Mike moved to Hawaii and wanted nothing more to do with the business around that time. He was going to semi-retire, but then the financial meltdown happened and he was caught off-guard.

Paul Elam stepped into the void in 2009 with A Voice for Manginas, and he quickly began ignoring the old guard. Elam forgo talent and intelligence in order to bring in eunuchs who would kiss up to him. Karen appeared shortly thereafter and was a phenom. She over-shadowed AVFM but about a year later they became the mHrm and disavowed “men’s rights” on aggregate. It was a mess! I’m hoping that she comes on and clarifies some things for us today.

We thank Karen very much for her time. It was a pleasure to have her on.

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