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Interview with ROOSH V

Roosh was kind enough to put the interview I did with him on his website today. He called the blog, “I Was Interviewed About Liberals, The Manosphere, And Making Money Online.”

1:05: How the launch of my book Free Speech Isn’t Free went.
2:35: Infusing humor with my writing, how my memoirs reflected my life stage, and being internet famous.
4:50: Getting ambushed on the Dr. Oz show and how I used the lessons learned from it to hurt the media later.
8:30: Do social justice warriors really believe I’m a pro-rape advocate? How they use bogus accusations to their advantage.
14:00: The left is full of shit when they talk big about overthrowing Trump.
15:30: Why are liberals such cry babies?
16:30: The reason I won’t come back to live in the United States.
18:45: How I got into the initial pickup artist sphere.
23:00: The lying game of association that the media plays.
25:20: Being infamous in far-off locations.
28:00: How stoicism can help your life.
32:10: Why I don’t sleep with groupies.
36:00: Marriage is not necessarily a better deal in Eastern Europe than the USA, and the big problem with MGTOW.
41:30: The left is an ideology of totalitarian control.
43:45: The anti-male environment of corporations and how it’s turning work places into a day care like universities.
50:10: Advice for people who want to make money online through writing or videos.
54:20: People are reading less, so you’ll have to work much harder to be a writer today.
57:25: Should you cater to the audience or simply create the work that you like?
60:05: The phenomenon of daily vlogs.

Thanks so much for you time Roosh V. It was a pleasure chatting with you and you’re a hero in this struggle.

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