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Hands Up, Don’t Shoot! PODCAST 39

“Hands Up Don’t Shoot” is given a new interpretation here in our 39th installment of the Male Defender Molon Labe Podcast.


Opening Song, The Editors with “Munich.”

Check out our longtime supporter here at Molon Labe, Smokinobama.com.
He’s an American manufacturer of figurines. He has two products.
The original Smoking Obama statue
and a cheaper version which is the Beatles Blue Meanie.

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” gets a new spin here.

Body camera footage shows that the father of a six-year-old autistic boy was attempting to surrender before police opened fire, killing his son, a lawyer has said. Mark Jeansonne said his client, Chris Few, had his hands up and was not threatening police when gunfire began. Two city marshals in Louisiana have been charged with second-degree murder.

His latest video.

Sen. Gillibrand: Don’t Report Sex Crime to the Police. Why? The police are not cultural Marxists who will always refer to a woman as a “surviver” rather than what she is…an accuser.

On Monday night, Gillibrand lauded efforts by national fraternities and sororities to pull their support for a controversial campus sexual assault bill known as the Campus Safe Act.

The Campus Safe Act would prohibit colleges from investigating sexual assault cases as student conduct violations unless the alleged victim also reported the incident to law enforcement.

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Here’s the hard copy.

University pressures Facebook to shut down ‘Illini White Student Union’ page.

Just hours after students gathered in front of the Illini Union for a black student solidarity rally Wednesday, an Illini. White Student Union Facebook page was created denouncing the students and Black Lives Matter protesters as terrorists.

The page directly singled out activists and sympathizers to the Black Lives Matter movement, describing itself as “a new page for white students of University of Illinois [sic] to be able to form a community and discuss our own issues as well as be able to organize against the terrorism we have been facing from Black Lives Matter activists on campus.”

Check out the art and store of Jean-Louis Moray!
He’s got a separate link for art prints too.

Yet another federal employee practicing work avoidance rather than work.
An internal investigation at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Puerto Rico has revealed that an employee ran a private business out of her office selling vitamins and Energetix magnetic jewelry.

GF burns down Ex’s House. She’s freed by the court of course before trial. They decided to do a mental health evaluation on her after she was released…standard! Here’s some of her Shakespearean texts:

“I got a bottle of metho and some newspaper and vvwwom,” one text message read.

“I just lit the c***’s car on fire… I’m the badass now,” another read.

“I need an alibi. I did something f****d up yo,” read another.

Single woman turns the tables on men and sends potential dates unsolicited pictures of her vagina – and is horrified when almost all respond with crude enthusiasm.

“All Lives Matter” story.

89 year old murdered in home.

Stupid pressman doesn’t think Syrians illegally entering US from Mexico is a legitimate story.

Special thanks to William the Iconoclast, Justin G, George Rolph, Daniel T, Valentino Vals, and Dan S.

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  1. Paul Muro
    Posted November 23, 2015 at 11:24 pm | Permalink

    Disgusting the way it is PC to practice racism against whites to the point they can’t even have their own student union or even a mere Facebook page when all other races have their own ! We need to get together and fight this bullying, harassment n prejudice . In a sign of our times, Donald Trump was criticized today for retweeting accurate horrendously damning black crime statistics obliterating the myth of the ”innocent black citizen being victimized by racist police officers n white society” .
    And for leftist hag Gillibrand to have the unmitigated audacity to tell students NOT to support Campus Safe Act which forces accusers to go to the police before the leftist marxist Starchambers on colleges can prey upon men , is indicative of just what an unfair, pandering vile swineherd she really is ! Disgraceful !
    Bern, another great video expose ! You do a invaluable service to this country so keep righting wrongs, fighting the good fight n being our spokesman and ”internet superhero” …

    • Bernard Chapin
      Posted November 24, 2015 at 12:12 am | Permalink

      thank you Paul I appreciate it!

  2. Daniel T
    Posted November 27, 2015 at 9:15 pm | Permalink

    thanks for the shout out. wow you really pushed through a bunch of videos and the back on sunday . like a traim hop about the chapin’s inferno express! chooo! choo!!! you had the energy to do them and you rammed them all home

    i cant believe senators are actually behind accusors not going to the cops and to make the colleges handle it. geez. hell hell hell hell. college is gonna be hell for men. well soon i can see college will just have the “men dumb enough to go to college” crowd

    looks like some white student unions were allowed since the article was done but geez black lives matter. they are pretty racist. it is a movement run amok and nothing positive is coming from it. even at their protests they are getting at ppl of other races, white, asian and so on. the leaders of the blm groups arent being helpful either

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