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Forbidden Thoughts PODCAST 112

We’ll be back with the Crusades tomorrow, but today I wanted to read you Milo Yiannopoulos’s introduction to the book, Forbidden Thoughts. I can’t recommend the whole thing because I don’t give a Sarkeesian for science fiction. Hey, if you do I respect your diversity!

I just read the intro alone here because I know there are a ton of Milo fans within the right. I did that with a previous book and everyone enjoyed it. I still miss the guy being on twitter. He entertained the hell out of me.

I bought Forbidden Thoughts thinking it was going to be a discussion of free speech sort of like Roosh’s book from over the summer.

Alas, it is a book of science fiction, but if that’s your passion you’ll be pleased to see that Vox Day and John C. Wright also have contributions inside. There are two non-fiction pieces that you’ll enjoy as well–particularly if you have not read about the Sad Puppies controversy.

Milo never misses a chance to punish and pummel SJWs. That’s to be expected and precisely what he does in Forbidden Thoughts. I did not get a chance to read the portion on racism but I may hit it separately in an upcoming INFERNO.

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