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Fetish Model Demands Privilege

I can wear whatever I want and do whatever or whoever I want and you’re not allowed to talk back. That’s hate! You can’t shame me! I shame you! Be a real man and put up with me kicking your bleep!
Thanks Daily Mail and Valentino Vals.

Brave Fetish Model harasses online critic by throwing a drink at him and then macing him. This is social justice! Here’s a separate link for her video which, of course, you cannot rate or comment on.

In the description of the YouTube video the model and sex-positive podcast host subsequently posted, she wrote that while she took ‘full responsibility’ for throwing the drink over him, she didn’t expect ‘him to start swinging and kicking’.

She added: ‘I ran for the door and pepper sprayed him as I got to my car. He was kicking me as I tried to shut the car door.’

In his own defense, Agnello tells Daily Mail Online that ‘I didn’t hit her as she later on claimed, as a slap or punch would have reflected on her movement in the video. She continued pepper spraying me, and screamed “Cover your face b**h!” and all I could do was cover myself with my jacket and kick randomly trying to get her to stop. That’s the only instance in which I replied physically, in order to defend myself.’

While many of her Facebook followers have come out in support of Emily’s confrontation of her online troll, plenty have also criticized her for being overly aggressive and trying to provoke Agnello into fighting her.
Both claim to be pressing charges against the other [nothing will happen to her and you know it], with Emily saying that Agnello has also threatened her sister and sent nude images of her to her family members, while Agnello claims he was asked to send the images and told by Emily’s sister that she was waiting outside the cafe with a knife to ‘to stab me in case I genuinely attacked Emily, which I never did’.

‘I was not there to fight her, just to talk to her, and she chose to assault me, obviously using this as an opportunity to further her modeling career,’ he says.

One thing is for sure, Emily Snow demanded privilege from a critic on Facebook. He met with her to discuss the issue and she called him a homo and then maced him! Notice how the little male tried to reason with the demented beast. What did it get him? Battered with a hot drink and then maced.How dare he point out that she had ‘SLUT’ across her face? That doesn’t make her a slut. It makes her liberated and practically a women’s studies professor.

Fellows, you have to realize, women are your superior officers. You don’t talk back to her or anyone that has similar genitalia. You obey. You’re not there to speak your “male mind.” You’re there to cheer and celebrate!

Thank the Goddess for Make-up!

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  1. Posted February 24, 2016 at 5:47 pm | Permalink

    One woman is all women, but not all women are like that. Womanlogic.

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