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Female Psychopaths?


I read a small section today from Dr. Kent Kiehl’s The Psychopath Whisperer: The science of those without conscience in the below inferno. It’s a very good book unless you have no interest in psychology which may be the case with some of my readers.

The Psychopath Whisperer is written for laymen and most of the science is easily understood. It sounds like Dr. Kiehl is really a giant in his field. He started all of the brain imaging research on psychopaths and it has been a major addition to understanding those who wage war on society.

Here’s an article concerning the book considering how little there is about it on the Amazon page. The journalist doesn’t give it high marks but I disagree. Here’s some background though.

Psychopaths inhabit a special place in the popular imagination, and for good reason: Psychopathy is the perhaps the closest science has come to “explaining” evil — or at least one sometimes gruesome, difficult-to-fathom manifestation of it. Psychopaths lack empathy and cannot connect emotionally the way most humans do. Disturbingly, some prove particularly skilled at faking genuine grief or contrition or whatever else — all while exuding a charisma that allows them to take advantage of unsuspecting family members, lovers, victims.

Kent Kiehl, executive science officer of the New-Mexico-based Mind Research Network and a leading researcher on the diagnosis and analysis of psychopaths (and their brains, given that his career has been built in part by rolling prisoner after prisoner into brain-imaging machines to test for the telltale signs of psychopathy), is exactly the sort of guide one would want for an inside look at the condition: He’s funny, engaging, and knows a huge amount about the subject.

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