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False Rape Allegations Page (Official)


We will begin at Male Defender, from this point forward, to record every instance of women lying about rape and attempting to send innocent men to the clink. This will serve as a reference for your positions and debate in the future.

Number 1, Sophie Tucker
Woman lied about being raped after performing sex act on fiancé’s boss days before wedding.

Number 2, Roseanne Marie Allocco
The woman told police that she was “forcibly raped” near the Ford Ice Rink and Global Mall. But ten days later, Allocco admitted that the whole thing was a hoax.
Ultimately, Allocco admitted that she had consensual sex with an unknown man but was afraid that her fiancé would find out about it, so she concocted the rape story to hide her fling. Allocco was charged with filing a false report, a class D felony.

Number 3 Emma Sulkowicz aka “Mattress Girl.”

Despite serious theatrics, Emma falsely accused a fellow student of rape. It was investigated and she was caught lying.
She got her university sued by the innocent man and rightly so. More power to him!
“Nungesser’s lawyers argue that Columbia permitted Sulkowicz to run a “gender based anti-male discriminatory harassment campaign” against Nungesser that painted him as a rapist despite the fact that university proceedings cleared him of any wrongdoing.”
She’s now making porn but calling it art…standard.

Number 4: Jackie Coakley
And guess what? The moose just got married. Who the bleep is signing onto that? She’s a fantasist and you never know where the fantasies were take her next. “A rape on campus” may just cost the magazine that published it, Rolling Stone, $25 million.

Number 5: Dilrushi Mendis
A scorned secretary blackmailed her former boss after he broke off their affair by demanding £200,000 to drop a false rape claim she made against him.
Married Dilrushi Mendis, 40, from Cricklewood, north west London, sought revenge on wealthy businessman Nihal Seneviratne by accusing him of rape after he ended their affair and sacked her.

Number 6: Crystal Mangum
This liar, with a psychiatric file a 1000 leagues long, is now in jail for killing her husband. Mangum and the faculty of Duke University intentionally tried to ruin the lives of three young men. The entire case was a hoax and one of the most famous in history.

Number 7: Naima Shereen Mirza
A court heard former Edinburgh Academy pupil Naima Shereen Mirza, 21, ‘spun a web of lies and deceit’, causing police to waste hundreds of hours investigating her malicious allegations. She later told detectives she concocted the attacks to explain her poor exam results after failing to get in to Strathclyde University, in Glasgow.

Number 8: Elizabeth Jones
After a judge jailed her for 16 months, it emerged today that she made her first complaint in 2004 aged just 13 before alleging other men had attacked her over the next nine years. In 2009 she was given a ten month detention and training order for a similar offence. Between 2005 and 2007 she had made eight other allegations, which police investigated, but she was never charged.

Number 9: Erin Casson
A woman naval officer who seduced her former lover and then cried rape was yesterday jailed for 12 months. Communications officer Erin Casson invited Petty Officer Brian Eaton to her boyfriend’s home three months after they had split up. But she later told police Mr Eaton had forced his way into the house in Portsmouth threatened to kill her and then raped her. He was arrested at his home in Watford and subjected to a six-month investigation.

Number 10: The Scum that Lied Tyler Kost Into Prison.
The court documents reveal a group Facebook chat where three of the accusers and three witnesses made plans to ‘teach a lesson’ to Kost and referred to the movie ‘John Tucker Must Die,’ where ex-girlfriends take revenge on a former boyfriend. ‘Tyler needs to be taught a lesson,’ ran one interaction, reports KSAZ, as well as ‘We should sacrifice him to Satan.’ And another exchange read: ‘I’m down,’…’I already know this is going to be so much fun!’

Number 11, 18-year-“Anonymous”.
New York City authorities are dropping sexual assault charges against five teenagers after their accuser recanted her story.
The woman initially told police she was gang raped at gunpoint in a Brooklyn park on 7 January. Police arrested five teens, but parts of the woman’s story began to come under scrutiny as more details emerged. Her father was said to have been chased off by the suspects, but it took him nearly 30 minutes to alert police.

Number 12, Tina Greenland
Canterbury Crown Court heard how she then phoned Kent Police and claimed she had been raped after her drink had been spiked. Mr Mouna was arrested and suspended from his job, which he later lost despite never being charged for the crime. But when detectives examined messages exchanged between Mr Mouna and Greenland they discovered her rape claims were fabricated.

Number 13, Sara Ylen
A judge sentenced a “tormented and disturbed” Michigan woman to at least five years in prison Friday for falsely accusing two men of rape, a punishment that came just days after she pleaded no contest to a cancer scam in a separate case that also challenged her credibility. St. Clair County Judge Daniel Kelly exceeded the guidelines, saying it would be a “travesty of justice” to sentence Sara Ylen to less.

Number 14, Alice Hall.
Alice Hall’s false rape allegation got a poor kid beaten to death in England.
Her sister Emma Hall, 21, and four friends killed Mr Harwood by ‘punching and kicking and stamping on his head many times,’ said prosecutor Simon Denison.

Number 15, Elizabeth Paige Coast
A Hampton, Virginia woman who falsely accused a man of raping her — landing him in prison for four years — will spend two months in jail. Elizabeth Paige Coast, 26, will be allowed to serve her sentence on weekends. She came forward in 2012, saying that she lied about Johnathan C. Montgomery raping her. He spent four years in prison over the false claim, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.

Number 16, Heather Ann Marchand
Court also heard at least 45 police units and 119 police officers were involved in the investigations into the false reports, as well as at least 23 outside agencies and 36 non-police officers. The total cost of the investigations was estimated to be $188,000.

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  1. Jason B
    Posted November 25, 2015 at 9:04 pm | Permalink

    iam glad someone took this idea and ran with it. I hope we can always get pics to accompany articles, and hopefully men can find this page and stop their lives from being destroyed by unstable women.

  2. Ww
    Posted December 2, 2015 at 4:21 pm | Permalink

    Quite sad that in vast majority (95% to 99%) of false rape accusations, male victims are forced to plea bargain or fight and lose in court. Only 1~5% are ‘proven innocent’ and appear in media as articles, and rest end up in prison and are assumed to be rapists.

    Despite this feminists claim only small minority of rape cases are false accusations, when actual rate should be 20 to 100 times higher.

  3. Posted February 29, 2016 at 11:03 am | Permalink

    Hi … I read you are looking for false allegation cases … I’m such a case and if you Google my name especially with hunger strikes you should get 60mill plus returns … I’m willing to help … please let me know … thanks, bill

  4. Paul Muro
    Posted March 1, 2016 at 8:20 pm | Permalink

    14 cases so far is 14 too many, but realize Bern only started doing this list on Nov. 25 2015,so I sadly believe this list is gonna get painfully LONG …
    May we continue to spread awareness to all the hordes of manginas to form a grassroots movement of awakened similar minds to pressure some brave politicians to push for tort reform to have mandatory 10 yr minimum prison sentences for criminal false rape accusers ! They even have rape shield laws now which encourages these pigs to do their dirty immoral deeds, incognito ! Ridiculous …

  5. David
    Posted March 2, 2016 at 11:18 pm | Permalink

    Um… Be sure to put the case of Tawana Brawley on. & The case of Wanetta Gibson, who falsely accused football player, Brian Banks, of raping her.

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