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Failure is Good! MD Molon Labe 3

Failure is good! That’s our topic for this week’s Male Defender Molon Labe podcast. Abraham Lincoln had numerous stops, starts, and disasters in his life. He was a perfect example of fortitude. Today, we experiment with failure ourselves by having yet another bleeping skip in our broadcast! I wish I never installed that firewall. Anyway, in order to advance yourself in life you have to embrace failure and use it as an educational tool. That’s our theme. It’s a pep talk for young men. Don’t…ever…fear…failure.


1:00 Special Sponsor
2:20 Live FAILURE with recording skip!
3:00 Abraham Lincoln
4:30 Money as Freedom
6:30 What are your goals?
8:40 Reading is achieving
10:30 Narcissists can’t read
12:00 Bill, big success!
13:30 Fulfill expectations even at 45

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