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Equality is not Superiority PODCAST 20

Equality is not Superiority but the media and the greater culture pretend that advancing women over men is the new “equality.” Welcome to our 20th episode of the Male Defender Molon Labe Podcast. If you’re new, check out daily videos over at Chapin’s INFERNO.

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0:00 Badly Drawn Boy–“Too Many Miracles.”
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2:30 New advertiser, Legal Shield for Men.
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3:30 Worthless: The Young Person’s Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major by Aaron Clarey.

4:00 The Black Man’s Guide Out of Poverty: For Black Men Who Demand Better

5:00 SmokinObama.com where you can buy two different products. The original Smoking Obama figurine or the Beatles Blue Meanie figurine.

Thanks go out to Adam S., Brian H., John B., Harold G., Valentino Val., and Denny Armando.

6:00 Introversion vs. Extroversion
9:00 “Study” finds that Men Gossip as Much as Women Do. Is this true? Nope. They redefine gossip as “talking about football.” Ah…that’s not “gossip.” Yet Cultural Marxists will do anything to promote their “men and women are the same” agenda. No lie is too big for them to tell.
Here’s the actual definition: “Gossip is idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others.”
That term does not include a discussion about the Detroit Lions defensive tackle situation!

12:30 Ladies only parking places at Frankfurt airport reveals that the new equality is…female superiority.

Frankfurt airport has caused controversy after it painted a section of its car park pink and designated it entirely for the use of women.

Worse still for people striving for equality, the Ladies Parking section has bigger parking bays insinuating they require less skill to manoeuvre their vehicle safely into the parking spot.

According to airport authorities, the new bays offer ‘quick, safe and convenient from your parking to the terminal.’

16:00 “Penis Envy” turns out to have legitimacy as a theory. Witness this story. Definitely NSFW reading.
“Even though it was fake and I was playing a role, I felt like I was doing something wrong. I felt bad about myself. I felt exposed.”
You are exposed! Dr. Freud was right.

18:30 Another gullible kid is about to get hustled by disclaimers and agreements that will immediately become null and void when a woman has a need. In this case it will one of two lesbians who knocked themselves up with his sperm.

A married lesbian couple used the same sperm donor to start a family – and are now both pregnant at the same time.

Stephanie Armstrong and civil partner Randa conceived with the help of a ‘shy’ science student they contacted through a website.

Stephanie, 25, is now 29 weeks pregnant with a boy while Randa, 31, had her 12-week scan this month confirming she is also expecting.

23:00 Female bus driver leaves 100-year-old woman on the curb. What about the sistahood?
Cooper said she has never had a problem getting help from a TransLink driver in the past. “In this case it was a female driver and [she was] adamant about not helping,” she said.

26:30 Girl sent home for wearing short-shorts at JC Penny. They sent the kid home to change, but the Entitlement Generation muffin decided to quit her job because she was offended. She’s female! She should be able to wear whatever she wants. This is unfair. I’m going to tattle to the Muffington Boast and they’ll save me. Ah, no they won’t. She’s on the road to narcissism already. A 17-year-old given a position in an impossible economy but is she grateful? No way!

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One Comment

  1. Daniel T
    Posted August 1, 2015 at 3:48 pm | Permalink

    i dont know i have to disagree i think native american indian are he worse off than african americans

    lol @ turning sports chatter to be gossip. hmm well by that analogy women’d definitely gossip more because you can bring up daytime shows like soap opera, reality tv, the kardasians etc. this stuff is on far more than any sport so it is impossible there for men to gossip more.

    i dont know i have to say i did think of what it’d be like to have a vag mainly because of multiple orgs and to not have a hard on anytime i get turned on or some hard on randomly or to know what it is like to not have to fix ones junk to get comfortable.

    lol he definitely will end up paying child support he might even end up paying while theyre still together and of course the courts will make him pay one or both of the women. this is one of the reasons gay ppl shouldnt have children because of being able to make a sperm donor or someone similar pay child support.

    wow that bus driver was just plain lazy.

    wow so she has had the job for only 2 weeks and she is complaining to social media. you know whats ocming next, “you’re firedddddddd.” i agree the shorts do look nice on her but if they have a uniform and you arent in it… what right do you have to complain. go somewhere else that doesnt have a uniform. you don’t have to work there. let someone else get the job who will care more about the job than oh booohooo i cant wear this

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