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Diversity Officer Crime+BTB!

Links I cover at Male Defender proper will be briefly listed at the F.R.A. page. This is something I wanted to do an inferno about though too. Thanks Adam S and Noah M.

Woman lied about being raped after performing sex act on fiancé’s boss days before wedding.

DSC_6597 (2).jpg

DSC_6597 (2).jpg

Just days before she was due to marry 28-year-old Chris Hutchings, Sophie Tucker, 23, invited his boss, Carl Williamson, 51, to her home after sending him a string of messages and naked selfies on Facebook.

As soon as he arrived, she threw him on the sofa and began performing a sex act. When Mr Williamson bumped into his employee as he left the home, Tucker told her fiancé she’d been raped.

Mr Williamson was arrested and spent seven hours in custody. He was then put on bail for 24 days until Tucker, from Torrington, Devon finally confessed her lie.

‘She is a young and immature women who stupidly and selfishly got involved in a wholly inappropriate flirtation on the eve of her wedding,’ Adrian Chaplin, defending Tucker, told Exeter Crown Court.

Mr Williamson wrote in a victim statement that he was ‘treated like a criminal’ and the false allegation had affected both his business and his psychological state.

Diversity officer reveals the obsession that so many feminists have with rape. Muslim feminist “diversity officer” in the UK sends rape threat to Pamela Geller.

From: bahar.mustafa@goldsmithssu.org
To: Pamela Geller
Re: About
Date: November 23, 2015

You deserve to be raped in every hole by hordes of muslims, slapping and choking you, spitting in your mouth and pissing in ya face

Mistress who has affairs with married men claims she is doing their wives a favour because she SAVES their relationships.
Gweneth Lee says she dates married men so they don’t have to leave wives
Widow, 45, had kinky sex with shipping magnate and affair with dad-of-five
Says men cheat because their wives aren’t keeping them happy in bed.

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    What a beast! Yuk!

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