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Cultural Marxism is on the agenda everyday in the politically correct United States of 2015. This is our 25th installment of The Male Defender Molon Labe Podcast.

0:00 Opening awesome song, Can’s Vitamin C. I still can’t believe that tune is 40 years old.
1:00 Check out a new sponsor, GUNG-HO Jihad on Youtube. Here’s a video where he turns some inferno material into a coffee shop beatnik setting. Nice work! Please subscribe to his channel.
2:00 Our guy Aaron Clarey! Let’s do something different this time. Here’s the hyperlinks to some of his books: Worthless: The Young Person’s Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major, The Black Man’s Guide Out of Poverty: For Black Men Who Demand Better, Bachelor Pad Economics: The Financial Advice Bible for Men (his best), and finally, his second best, Enjoy the Decline: Accepting and Living with the Death of the United States.
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Don’t forget about the Beatles Blue Meanie as well!

6:00 Why should women have to pay tax on tampons in Australia? No, seriously, this is a complaint. Why not have men ordered to buy tampons for them? That’s the next step.
7:00 Is there a bias for women as video makers and tweeters? Captain Capitalism has a great article stating that that is the case.
11:30 Unbelievable outcome with the Shattuck case. She’s not going to jail at all despite the fact that she’s a convicted rapist.
Ex-Ravens cheerleader Molly Shattuck must spend every other weekend in a Delaware work-release detention center for nearly two years, a judge decided in sentencing her for having raped a 15-year-old boy in Bethany Beach last summer.


14:00 Hit the link and take in the idiocy of this story. She may be dating £100,000-a-week Manchester United star Morgan Schneiderlin. But 21-year-old Camille Sold is happy to go out and earn her own crust making £10-an-hour as a shop girl at an Adidas store in Manchester city centre. What is the point of this story? What are you trying to say about their relationship? The press is mindless and very gynocentric.
17:00 The word “migrant” will soon be off limits for reasons I cannot understand. To the left, it’s an act of hate to call things what they are.
18:00 In order to get at Donald Trump now they’re trying to make “anchor baby” the latest new off-limits phrase. What this is really all about is an attempt to steal all argumentative group from the right. Good for you Trump keep saying what you want to say and tell them to go to blazes.
22:00 Now they’re trying to paint Donald Trump as a segregationalist. This is nothing but complete lies from a media that is a servant of the Democratic Party.
28:00 Homosexuality is not only a biological construct.

But that’s not the question here. The question is whether sexual orientation is biological and immutable, as LGBT advocates routinely insist, or whether sexual orientation can be impacted by environment, which would raise serious questions about the nature of educating children on sexuality. This study, now being championed as a great victory by the LGBT community, strongly suggests the latter is true: how we treat homosexuality as a society has massive influence on the sexual orientation of individuals within that society, for good or ill.

32:00 Reason proves the O’Sullivan Law true. More and more Reason is becoming a platform for social justice warriors. Yuck! Listen to what this young SJW wrote about Donald Trump.
But the Trump brand of dictatorial, nativist, xenophobic, crony-capitalist fearmongering may just push mainstream conservative politics in a much less liberty-loving direction.

Thanks go out to Eric U, Adam S, Jen Lokken, Gio Penn, Dark City UK, Shawn D, Dan Szz, and Valentino Val.

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  1. Jennifer Lokken
    Posted August 24, 2015 at 6:44 pm | Permalink

    I personally don’t like the term Anchor Babies…because anchors serve a good purpose…I am pushing for the use of the term Bastard Citizens… as Bastard means Illegitimate…it has a more negative connotation too and it is not used nearly enough today.

    As for the Clarey article, I think he is right because on Thursday(8-20-15) I had 19 Twitter followers and as of today (8-24-15) I have 219!

  2. Daniel T
    Posted August 28, 2015 at 10:14 pm | Permalink

    i agree karen used to be great now all she does is honey badger bull, they rehash the same crap over and over. its boring as fuck. i do wish karen would get update with some yt’ers she criticizes. it is like she stays in the past and even i the person changes she will stick with the past instead of acknowledging they changed for the better

    damn i cant believe that rapist sentence. i mean she is out all week and is in jail only every other weekend?. she can do whatever she wants. she wont feel like she is being punished at all. if the judge wont punish her because of the boy’s suffering whynot punish because of his mother’s?? the female rapist prob is being more careful now with whatever boy she is shacking up with while she is out, so its doubtful she will be caught again

    i dont see why there shouldnt be a tampon tax? everything else is taxed. if you take of the tampon tax might as well remove the taxes from other stuff as well. we all know what govt does with our taxes.

    i dont see homosexuality being good the way society is going. i mean think about it women have been aborting kids like crazy, chemicals and crap in foods are sterilizing ppl without their knowledge, homosexuals becoming parents by taking others kids and those kids looking up to their parents will then become homosexual. you can see where this is going. that is without even bringing in feminism and how it is pushing women to hate men and to criticize men if they hit on em and criticize men if they dont, all the while the women trying to go for the guys with more money than them

    they are trying to get trump any way they can. i hope he doesnt fall into their traps. although with how the past few presidents have been i dont think voting does any good and whoever the powers that be want in is the one who will get in. that ole quote “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” is becoming more and more true as time goes on

    i dont like anchor babies it is like a dishonest way of being able to get into the country and staying

  3. Posted August 29, 2015 at 2:41 pm | Permalink

    Really good podcast. Enjoyed learning about O’Sullivan’s Law.
    You got it right on many of us not liking M. Levin. For me it isn’t so much his direct insulting of Ron Paul. It is the FACT he is constantly STEALING Ron Paul’s talking points and taking it to the bank. Intellectual plagiarism at it’s finest… This fuels the idea all pundits are disingenuous and are simply selling tickets to the show. A new form of PT Barnum or televangelist.

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