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Ched Evans: Innocent, Free, Unemployed

Ched Evans, a Life Ruined.

during the Coca Cola Championship match between Sheffield United and Newcastle United at Bramall Lane on November 2, 2009 in Sheffield, England.

during the Coca Cola Championship match between Sheffield United and Newcastle United at Bramall Lane on November 2, 2009 in Sheffield, England.

A false allegation has ruined a young man’s life. Ched Evans was freed after a woman fabricated a tale of coercion about him. Yet no soccer club will hire him. They’re towing the PC line and don’t care what happens to him.

When is our society going to come clean and accept the fact that women make false allegations concerning rape all of the time? Women, and yes men as well, are capable of and do lie. Often they do this on a daily basis so why must we pretend there is one good sex and one bad sex?

Thanks Daz P and Peter N. Here’s the BBC on his case:

Footballer Ched Evans has had his conviction for rape quashed at the Court of Appeal in London, but will face a new trial.

The ex-Wales international was jailed in 2012 for raping a 19-year-old at a Premier Inn near Rhyl, Denbighshire.

The former Sheffield United, Manchester City and Norwich player was released from jail in October 2014 after serving half of his five-year term.

Mr Evans, 27, has always denied raping the woman.

Speaking outside court Mr Evans’s solicitor Shaun Draycott said: “Ched Evans is extremely grateful that the court of appeal has ruled that his conviction for rape was unsafe and should be quashed.”

Excellent piece by a female commentator. I thank her very much for taking a stand.For now, Ched Evans is an innocent man again but whatever happens at his new trial the Jessica Ennis lynch mob will NEVER forgive him for being successful.

Right, Charlie Webster, you pouting fool, are you going to apologise?
How about you Jessica Ennis-Hill, Miss Strop-A-Lot? Perhaps we should take your name off the football stand at Sheffield for being too quick to judge.
And how about the rest of the blithering idiots, feminazis, slopey-shouldered board members and vindictive fools who said Ched Evans should never be allowed to play football again? He served two and a half years of his five-year sentence, was released from prison to be ostracised from society, and now a senior judge has finally quashed his guilty verdict pending a retrial.

Whoa, Megyn Kelly’s great here (did I just write that? lol)

Thanks Serious Pickle

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