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Too Weak to OBEY the FEMALE

I cried as I watched this. What happened to obeying a female? What happened to social justice? A real man obeys a woman. That is well established. So what is the deal with this evil bouncer who dares to defend himself against three drunks? He is inferior. Watch and cry with me. You’ll be sad […]

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Women in the Military Suffer More Mental Illnesses

News from the UK: “Women in the Armed Forces ‘more likely to suffer mental problems.’ Women serving in the Armed Forces are twice as likely to suffer from mental health issues as men, according to the latest figures from the Ministry of Defence.” This doesn’t surprise me at all. Recall here my rule from 2007: […]

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Annaliese Nielsen, Traveling Psycho

Annaliese Nielsen is an important figure. All you really need to do is see her twitter page and you know the whole score concerning her negligible value to society (none). Luckily, her bizarre levels of arrogance brought her to our attention. She acts like a complete psycho control freak and then records it. She thinks […]

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