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Female Aggression vs. Healthy Masculinity

BY TIM PATTEN Clinical Psychologist’s and researchers have identified the poisonous behavior of aggressive women who resort to verbal assault through gossip, innuendo and character assassination used against other female friends and coworkers. But when women become verbally aggressive against the man, she is falling in love with or dating, the cultural equation is toppled and […]

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Cougar Down

Welcome to the MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. We got a two-fer for you today. Let’s start with Cougar Down. Sorry for the poor audio. It improves at the 7:30 mark when I fix it. Our subject piece: “AGONISING’ Woman, 48, unable to have kids brutally dumped by toyboy partner who told her ‘it’s not […]

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How Thirsty are Men?

Gross, this story, which makes us ask How Thirsty are Men as our topic for the Male Defender podcast. This girl pretended to be interested in hundreds of men…so she set them all up by manipulating them into going to a public venue in order “compete” to win a date with her. F off! Who […]

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