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Wife Cheats with Convict

Standard! Welcome to Wife Cheats with Convict, our MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. Here we have a case of a 53-year-old woman in love with yet another convict who is 30 years younger than her. She, of course, blames her husband: Teresa Burchfield emailed her husband hours after news of the arrest broke, court documents […]

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How Thirsty are Men?

Gross, this story, which makes us ask How Thirsty are Men as our topic for the Male Defender podcast. This girl pretended to be interested in hundreds of men…so she set them all up by manipulating them into going to a public venue in order “compete” to win a date with her. F off! Who […]

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Miko Grimes, Justification for MGTOW

MIKO GRIMES IS THE PERFECT WIFE! Man up now and find a woman just like her. Like any woman would get arrested for you! You’re not worthy of her intellectual awesomeness. Insensitive males said to muzzle her! Well that’s hate buddy. You don’t talk to her that way. True love and romance is getting arrested […]

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