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Red Trojan Horse

It is my pleasure to discuss with you our MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast entitled Red Trojan Horse. Today I read from Alasdair Elder’s (brief!) magnificent new book, The Red Trojan Horse: A Concise Analysis of Cultural Marxism. It’s cheap, like the budgie, and you should read/download it today. Absolutely splendid! I do not know […]

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Hillary vs. Alt Right PODCAST 78

Welcome to the 78th installment of the Male Defender MOLON LABE Podcast. Today we are making fun of (and refuting) Hillary’s Alt Right speech. Hillary attacks the alt right today and we attack back. Check out the work of Matt Forney. He is an official friend of the INFERNO. Have you been to his website? […]

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Video Games and Violence

Hat/tip to Return of Kings for picture Video Games and Violence is a constant and spurious connection that the media makes in our society. I think the authors Brad King and John Borland do a great job of discussing it in their book Dungeons & Dreamers: A Story of How Computer Games Created a Global […]

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