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No Fun is #MeToo

#MeToo is a plague. It’s resulted in men being confronted in false allegations that stem from 40 years ago which cannot be proven or substantiated. At it’s core, #MeToo it’s about hating men and marginalizing them from society. It’s all about the non-productive stealing from the productive along with ruining the lives of the best […]

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Get Married Now!

Get Married Now is the title of our new MOLON LABE Male Defender podcast. OPENING SONG. Check out this endearing story, a post-wall disaster: “I have a few close girlfriends, for which I am grateful, but life keeps getting busier and our conversations are now months apart. Most of my nights are spent alone with […]

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The RED PILL Review

BY TIM PATTEN With her new documentary, feminist Cassie Jaye has napalmed an outmoded gender equality landscape into shards of dust, and remolded the smoking embers into an innovative narrative representing a modern day understanding. The Red Pill ( is a spellbinding, and occasionally shocking, journey of enlightenment and introspection. The documentary is clean, sharp […]

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