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Be Kind…Or Else on Twitter!

A post that has to be yet another low-point for Western Civilization. Be KIND on Twitter or else! Glad things are so good in Scotland the police have the time to waste on something like this. Police Scotland has been mocked on Twitter over its attempts to warn social media users about the importance of […]

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“Safe Word”=He’s Toast

Had the relationship been like this then the Dean would have definitely approved! No Safe Word needed. This is social justice. Students Had BDSM Sex. Male Says He Obeyed Safe Word. GMU Agreed, Expelled Him Anyway. Student expelled for sexual misconduct prevails in lawsuit against George Mason University. George Mason University expelled a male student […]

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Lesbian Criminals

Fellows, when dating online be sure to ask for a full body shot lol. Lesbian criminals? No way. We all know only men commit crimes but there appear to be 2 cases suggesting otherwise. Sadly, we’ve covered this high school before. What sort of school IS this?! Geography teacher is now accused of lesbian affair […]

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