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Man Jaw Cuckolds Husband for Criminal

(Sing to Goldfinger) She’s Manjawing! She’s the man, the man with the hot bad boy! Syria’s favorite toy…She’s Manjawing! Standard! You read it and thought “dog bites man” after that. That criminal is so hot and this one’s from another culture. Hey, he rapes girls from my culture. I know I’m in love! Thanks Valentino […]

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Sweden ist Kaputt Gemacht Podcast 45

Welcome to the 45th episode of the Male Defender Molon Labe podcast. Advertising is 5 bucks per podcast. Check out our longtime supporter here at Molon Labe, He’s an American manufacturer of figurines. He has two products. The original Smoking Obama statue and a cheaper version which is the Beatles Blue Meanie. OPENING SONG: […]

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College Men Under Siege from Obama

College men are under siege right now from the Obama Administration. This is one of the best pieces you’ll ever read on the subject by the invaluable Dr. Glenn Reynolds. Catherine Lhamon, Misandric Beast It appears to many — including me — as if the Obama administration is engaged in a war on college men. […]

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